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I went into topshop today before lunch and as enetered staff had already looked me up and down not realising i was going to work. After i went to look at sizes of bomber jackets and may i ask why there are no size 16's and just a few 14's i know topshop is for slimmer girls but the other topshops i've been to have ranges of sizes. I was in topshop to exchange a faulty bomber jacket for a new one as my one hasn't been washed and you can see that as the label writing is very clear no fading on labels but somehow the jacket has faded and I've had the jacket for around one month and the buttons and zip has already turnt bronze? I know it's not designer items but it was £55 at the end of the day. As I approached the fairly young guy with good makeup he was already sarcastic and very very rude... I told him the jacket wasnt my tasting and i had the receipt and he straight away said no as it cant be re-sold... Anyways am very disappointed in how i was treated and seeing the sizes normally this topshop is welcoming i am a very big buyer of the clothes from here and today has made me change my opinion i also will be sharing this with friends.    20-03-16